22-24 March 2022

IAGTO Connect is principally an online meetings event exclusive to IAGTO member companies and organizations around the world. In 2022 we will be focusing in particular on Asia, Oceania, the Indian Ocean, the Gulf States, South Africa and North Africa.

Three days of meetings will be combined with announcements, promotions, presentations and interviews on our TV News Channel and News Bulletin.

22-Hour Access

IAGTO Connect is a three-day event open for 22 hours on each of the first two days, allowing you to schedule your meetings at times convenient for you, wherever in the world you are located.

Dual Time-Zone Diaries

The good news is that your Appointments Diary will show your meeting time in your Local Time as well as the official event time which, for 2022, will be Thailand/Indochina Time (ICT) to highlight our focus on our Asian member destinations.

Blocking out Meeting Times

Of course, with the Appointment Diary being open 22 hours a day, you will be able to very easily block out all times that are not going to be convenient for you for meetings. It is entirely up to you when and on what days you accept and schedule meetings, and how many you have.


IAGTO Connect is exclusive to IAGTO members who need to login to this website to register online. If you are not yet an IAGTO member then CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE FURTHER INFORMATION on membership and event registration.

IAGTO Online Meeting Platform

We use the Marcom eScheduled PRO platform for appointment scheduling which is the same that we have used for all of our in-person IAGTO Conventions for the past 10 years

You can register colleagues free of charge to share your meetings or substitute for you

Zoom is the video-conferencing system that we use within the virtual Marcom platform, giving you access to all Zoom functionality during your meetings

Standard meetings are 15-minutes with a 5-minute break between meetings, but you can of course simply keep talking if you need more time

Your Appointment Diary will be shown in your Local Time

You decide how many meetings you want to have, at what time and on which days

You can block time in your diary when you are not available for meetings

Although all participants are categorised as Buyers, Suppliers, Service Providers or Media, you can request a meeting with anyone in any category

Meetings will only be confirmed where both participants agree to meet

You can continue to set up and re-schedule appointments during the event

You can live-message with other delegates during the Convention

Meeting Schedule

The Appointment Diary will be open for 22 hours on the first two days and for 16 hours on the final day as follows.

Day / City London Dubai Bangkok Tokyo Sydney
Tue 22 March  01:00 – 23:00  05:00 – 03:00*  08:00 – 06:00*  10:00 – 08:00*  12:00 – 10:00* 
Wed 23 March  01:00 – 23:00  05:00 – 03:00*  08:00 – 06:00*  10:00 – 08:00*  12:00 – 10:00* 
Thu 24 March  01:00 – 17:00  05:00 – 21:00  08:00 – 00:00  10:00 – 02:00*  12:00 – 04:00* 

*Next Day

Sales Tools, Offers, News, Educationals, Interviews & Promotions

Being exclusive to IAGTO members means that we can use all of our services and experience to deliver a wide range of additional benefits during IAGTO Online.

Enhanced Profiles for better Meeting Decisions

Maximum information on buyers and suppliers while selecting appointments.

Sales Tools at your Fingertips

Buyers will be able to access Net Rates, Contracts, Operational Status, Photos & Videos directly from the Supplier attendee list.

Destination News & Announcements

Presented via the IAGTO News Bulletin & AGTC News Updates.

On-Demand Interviews & Promotions

Pre-recorded destination and product Interviews & Presentations presented on the IAGTO News Channel.