Global Membership

IAGTO was originally established in 1997 as a representative body for leading golf tour operators. It soon expanded to become the global trade organisation for the entire golf tourism industry, encompassing not only golf tour operators but golf resorts, hotels, golf courses, receptive operators, airlines, car rental, tourist boards, approved media and business partners as well.

IAGTO has grown every year and currently has 2258 member companies and organisations in 93 countries including 649 specialist golf tour operators in 67 countries.

IAGTO suppliers are defined as those companies that have travel product or travel services to sell directly to golf tour operators. Obvious suppliers include golf resorts and hotels but we also include national and regional tourist boards within this category.

Our media partners cross all platforms, from traditional printed golf publications to websites carrying good golf travel editorial to specialist TV programmes and even TV channels themselves. Whilst IAGTO membership is for companies, the International Golf Travel Writers Association (IGTWA) comprises individual journalists who produce regular articles on golf travel related topics.

The Business Partner category of IAGTO membership is for companies that have products or services to sell to IAGTO members – be they buyers or suppliers. These range from golf course photographers to golf apparel manufacturers and from specialist golf recruitment agencies to travel insurance providers.

Total Number of IAGTO & IGTWA members per Country