IAGTO Awards

After a special Awards program last year in which golf tourism businesses were recognised for the support they provided to fellow IAGTO members during the pandemic, this year we have reverted to a more familiar Awards program.

650 IAGTO member golf tour operators were invited to nominate up to 5 golf destinations and 5 golf travel suppliers who delivered an exceptional experience and service for their golf travelling customers in 2022.

As a result, in this, the 22nd edition of the IAGTO Awards, we are delighted to be recognising the outstanding achievements of five golf destinations and 60 golf tourism suppliers across 22 countries.

The IAGTO Awards were established in 2000 and each year honour a small number of golf destinations and golf tourism industry businesses around the world. Voted for by golf tour operators responsible for 90% of international golf vacation package sales worldwide, the IAGTO Awards are considered to be the most prestigious in the global golf tourism industry.