Leadingcourses.com rankings: Terre Blanche Best Golf Club France 2017

26 April 2017
Leadingcourses.com rankings: Terre Blanche Best Golf Club France 2017

With an average rating of 8,92 (out of 10), golfers have awarded Terre Blanche Resort with the title of Best Golf Club in France in 2017. The Golfers’ Choice rankings are based on 350,000 reviews written by golfers across Europe on Leadingcourses.com.

Over 250,000 golfers visit Leadingcourses.com each month. Based on their rankings, Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort ***** has been voted Best Golf Club in France with an average rating of 8.92 in the Golfers’ Choice Rankings. The rankings for best golf club are compiled based on numerous aspects influencing the quality of the golf club, the golf course itself, the overall impression of the club, maintenance, facilities, clubhouse and the perceived value for money.

Nestled in unspoilt lush nature and offering the best of authentic Provence, Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort is a perfect getaway for lovers of golf. The five star resort is home to two 18-hole championship golf courses – Le Château and Le Riou – which were designed by renowned architect Dave Thomas and are inspired by the natural surroundings. The golf courses perfectly blend into the landscape. Their beauty and high quality – as well as their perfect maintenance – are truly impressive. The golf courses are well-integrated at the heart of a preserved site.

Leadingcourses.com users are unanimous about the experience Terre Blanche Resort offers: ‘When you enter the grounds of Terre Blanche you immediately realize this is a top resort‘, ‘By far the best course I ever played!‘, ‘What a treat!‘, ‘Total impression of the club could be described as ‘un-European’ good.‘

Jean-Marie Casella, Director of Golf at Terre Blanche Resort was very proud to receive such an accolade:

‘We would like to express a particular gratitude to everyone who has supported and recognized Terre Blanche as the Best Golf Club. We are greatly encouraged and we will continue our dedication to quality and will do everything possible to offer the best golf experience in Europe.‘

Runner-up in the ranking of Best Golf Club in France 2017 is Les Aisses Golf. This tree-lined course designed by Martin Hawtree has 27 holes and is situated in the heart of France, only 150 kilometers south of Paris. Les Aisses is rated with a 8.90. France’s top-3 list of Best Golf Clubs is completed with Golf De Fontainebleau. Inaugurated in 1909, the Fontainebleau golf course is one of the oldest in France. Golfers rate it with an 8.81.

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