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    What is the value of Golf Tourism to your region?

    What is its capacity for growth?

    How can Brand USA help you achieve it?

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    “The assessment provides a baseline from which to build, and the members of IAGTO present an audience that we can work with to develop appropriate golf tourism products. We can then work with our destination partners, the golf courses and CVBs to create meaningful cooperative-marketing programs that will resonate in U.S. markets of all sizes.”

    Tom Garzilli, senior vice-president for Global Partner Marketing at Brand USA
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    “The important first step in any integrated golf tourism strategy is to calculate the current value of golf tourism and to assess its capacity for growth”

    Peter Walton, IAGTO’s chief executive

Brand USA has teamed up with the global golf tourism organization, IAGTO, to help you answer the first two questions, if the numbers are not already at your fingertips!

But, most importantly, together we will then deliver the tools to help state tourist boards, CVBs, golf resorts, golf clubs and golf courses attract more golf visitors.

IAGTO - Brand USA National Golf Tourism Survey (January 2016 update):

Both domestic and international visitor rounds grew in the USA in 2015 yet there is still plenty of capacity for growth. IAGTO has published some interesting findings mid-way through its USA national golf tourism survey in partnership with Brand USA.

Please click here to see our press release 'Billion-dollar U.S. golf tourism industry has significant capacity for growth'.

State Tourist Board Participation

Brand USA recommends that all state tourist boards participate in this program, which is free of charge (click here to read the IAGTO-Brand USA press release and here to view the Brand USA Newsletter)

The role of the state Tourist Board in most cases will simply be to encourage their regional CVBs to participate in the program and to introduce the CVBs to IAGTO. In some cases where there are only a few golf courses in a state, it may be more appropriate for the state Tourist Board to distribute the questionnaire, but in general we prefer to avoid duplication.

Regional CVB and CVA Participation

Brand USA recommends that all regional tourist boards and destination marketing organizations participate in this program, which is free of charge (click here to read the IAGTO-Brand USA press release and here to view the Brand USA Newsletter)

After registering below, we will create a unique URL (website link) which will include your CVB name and logo. We then invite you to email this link to all golf courses, golf resorts and other golf facilities in your region. It will probably require follow-up emails and perhaps a few calls to encourage maximum participation. We will keep you informed with how many courses from your region have completed the survey.

On completion of the survey we will be able to send you headline figures and you will be able to see how these compare with the state and national averages.

Golf Course & Golf Resort Participation

All golf course facilities in the USA, whether municipal, semi-private or private are invited to complete the online survey. This will determine definitively which courses are already playing an important role in either domestic or international golf tourism, the economic impact of this within the USA and the incremental value of achieving maximum desired growth.

If you would like to participate, you do not have to wait to be approached by your local tourism board, you can simply click on the link below and complete the national golf tourism survey. This should take no more than 10 minutes.